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Goin’ crazy over pet peeves

By Tx. Staff - | Apr 7, 2019

We’re all bugged by them, those little annoyances of life that set our teeth on edge or leave us wanting to run away screaming.

Today we’re taking a look at some of our most bothersome pet peeves. Is yours on the list?

  • Interrupters: My pet peeve is being interrupted several times in a row. Because it wasn’t enough just to cut me off once, but repeatedly, until I lose the will to contribute to a conversation! My general understanding is that if someone interrupts you once, that’s fine, but I hate not being able to get any of my thoughts into a conversation without shouting over people.

– Sierra Clark, Venture High

  • Loud chewers: The food is supposed to go in your mouth. Some people chomp and smack their lips like Muppets and it’s just awful!

– Morgan Wyatt, Fremont High

  • Slow people: Whether it’s slow walkers, slow drivers or slow workers, I just can’t stand them! I am a very impatient person, and I have a certain way I like to do things. When things don’t work out like I originally plan them to, then it really throws me off. For example, when I’m driving to work, there are always people on the road who don’t even go the speed limit. It’s aggravating and annoying, and even kind of rude.

I like to get work done quick and easy without any hitches. So when I’m working as hard as I can and going fast, it annoys me when I have a co-worker who doesn’t take it as seriously as I do. Time is something that is very important to me. So I guess it makes sense as to why I hate slow people!

– Taylor Jenkins, Weber High

  • Labeling: I’m annoyed by people who call me poor for not having AirPods. My music is just fine through wires, thank you very much.

– Binnie Green, Syracuse High

  • Food touching: I cannot stand it when different foods come into contact with each other. I get made fun of for this all the time. On Thanksgiving, I got two big plates simply to prevent my food from touching. It’s not that the food tastes bad when it touches — it just really stresses me out! At a restaurant, if my food comes out touching, I will take the time to separate the food — even if I’m starving.

– Jessica Wojciechowski, Clearfield High

  • Odd seating selections: It bugs me when couples sit on the same side of the table when there is no one on the other side. (You know who you are.) Why do you do that? It’s not easier to eat and it’s not easier to talk to each other when you are on the same side of the booth.

– Peri Maynard, Bear River High  

  • Dress coding: One of my biggest pet peeves is when I get dress coded for wearing a hat or having my hood on. It usually happens in the morning, right after I walk into the building. It’s very cold out and I’m bald, so if I take off my hood, I will freeze. I usually wear my beanie or hoodie because it’s cold or I’m tired.

But it’s very annoying to have someone tell you to take off your hat the minute you walk into school. I realize it’s the dress code (which I think needs some refining), but it’s just a hat. It’s especially annoying when the person who dress codes me touches my arm or back to get my attention. It makes me uncomfortable. Or when they take out-of-class time to rat out a kid with his hood on.

– Reagan Housley, Fremont High

  • Invaders of personal space: No to teachers who make it really uncomfortable and squat their behinds in front of my desk when they’re speaking to the desk next to me. No one likes this. Please move your caboose.

– Binnie Green

  • Open containers: One of my biggest pet peeves is when snacks go stale because the container wasn’t fully closed. I love my family dearly, but sometimes they’re guilty of this and it drives me crazy! I’m sure that I’ve done it a few times myself, and I’m truly sorry for the people impacted by that because no one deserves to open a bag of chips and find them stale. The taste is off, the texture is off, and, overall, it just ruins the whole container of snacks.

This problem can strike anyone at any time, which makes it all the more frustrating. When I’m running late for school and packing my lunch, the last thing I want to see are stale snacks.

– Annie Roe, Ogden High

  • Being touchy-feely: Don’t touch me without asking. Sure, back scratches and back massages are awesome! But I’d really appreciate a warning when you start kneading the knots out of my shoulders. This happens more often than you’d expect, and it drives me nuts — especially considering that I don’t like being touched.

– Jessica Wojciechowski

  • Straying out of line: Another peeve is people who don’t honor “right side of the road” when walking in a narrow hallway, or especially when multiple people at a time are using the stairs. Or when I’m at school trying to get to class, the most annoying thing that someone could possibly do is to use the wrong side of the stairway when it’s packed. There is no need to fight the current, Nemo, please.

– Binnie Green

  • Making comparisons: My biggest pet peeve is when people compare themselves to other people, or compare me to other people. I believe we all have our own strengths, so comparison is useless. I just wish everyone would choose to build themselves and others up rather than putting themselves down because they “can’t do something as good as them.”

– Jessica Wojciechowski

  • Messy eaters: People who talk while they eat and leave food, like ranch dressing, just slightly waving to me from the corner of their mouth. Like Ted Cruz during his 2016 GOP debate. Trust me here.

– Binnie Green


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