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The TX. 10: Small things about high school you don’t realize you’ll miss

By Binnie Green tx. Correspondent - | Mar 3, 2019
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TX. Lockers
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TX. High Fives

1. When you high five someone, and the noise it makes is “just right,” so you hold it there for a minute as you both relish in the perfection of the clap. For a few seconds, everything is right in the world.

2. Your librarian

3. The way your hands fly over your locker combo.

4. Understanding something in math, and using it outside of math. “Excuse me, it’s actually a locker permutation, not combination.”

5. Being in a class full of people you have shared classes with since kindergarten. Even if you don’t talk, or never have, there’s always at least one kid that attended one of your birthday parties.

6. Dress-up weeks.

7. School dances with music you don’t know, and don’t care about, until “Fergalicious” or “Party Rock Anthem” comes on and all upperclassmen instinctively and unconsciously migrate to the center.

8. Kicking off your heels five minutes into the school dance.

9. Keeping your wrist away from everyone, even your date, because don’t you dare hurt my wrist flower!

10. Being able to find a parking spot … usually.

– Binnie Green, Syracuse High


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