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The TX. 10: Best and worst things to find in Easter baskets

By Tx. Staff - | Apr 12, 2020
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TX. Easter Basket
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TX. Easter Basket


1. Peeps. Some people hate them but they’re so good, especially if you leave them out for a day or two.

2. Books. High school makes it hard to read for fun, but when I can get away, a quiet day with a book makes candy all the sweeter.

3. Malt Cadbury Eggs. They’re better than just regular Cadbury eggs, and have extra layers.

4. Robin Eggs.

5. Plastic eggs. The kind you get at Easter egg hunts are super cute and are good places for storing things.

6. Money. So I can save up for things I want to buy.

7. New cute clothes to wear for the warmer weather.

8. Jelly beans.

9. Skittles and Sour Patch candies.

10. Card games! On a holiday weekend, it’s loads of fun to sit down with my family and try a new game out.

No thanks!

1. Sixlets. It’s very random, but these candies always seem to come out around Easter and I can’t stand them!

2. Cracked eggs. The little kids in my family often cry when they end up with the cracked ones!

3. Loose jelly beans that go everywhere.

4. Mouse poop. (It happened one time!)

5. Socks.

6. Whoppers. The coating looks like Easter eggs but these candies taste disgusting.

7. Peeps. Really gross

8. Solid chocolate.

9. SweeTARTS.

10. A REAL bunny. My family tried that once and it was loads of fun until I realized it wasn’t an unwrapped Cadbury egg that I saw under the chair.

– TX. Staff


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