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The TX. 10: Best ways to beat the winter blues

By Staff | Feb 2, 2020
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TX. Winter Blues
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TX. Winter Blues

1. Read by the fire. A book can take you to a new world and distract you from the stress of life.

2. Spend time being creative. Music, painting, crafts -- you choose.

3. Get out into nature. One idea is a winter trail series offered at Weber State University; the next program is the Wheeler Creek Trail on Feb. 15. Or just play in the snow -- sledding, snowmen, even snow angels.

4. Drink hot cocoa. And have some treats to eat with it!

5. Jam to your favorite songs. When you have feel-good music on, it will undoubtedly make you feel better.

6. Watch summer movies. To remind yourself of the summer.

7. Exercise. It will always help to stimulate your senses and get moving; it can make it feel like summer during any time of the year.

8. Learn a new skill.

9. Serve others. Bringing a smile to other people's faces will likely bring one to yours too!

10. Embrace the season! You can't curl up in a blanket, drink hot chocolate and watch a movie in summer nearly as well as you can in the winter.

-- TX. staff


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