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The TX. 10: Pet peeves at the movie theater

By Staff | Mar 1, 2020
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TX. Movie Peeves
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TX. Movie Peeves

1. Talking loudly. Discussion is fine, but I'd rather wait until I've seen the entire movie to hear everyone's opinion on it.

2. Crying loudly. Being sad about events in the movie is OK, but loud sobs pull everyone else out of the story. (It's just a movie; it'll be OK!)

3. Crinkling wrappers/chewing loudly. It's always annoying to listen to someone eat loudly -- and especially so if you can't hear the villain's evil plan or the hero's brilliant response over the noise.

4. Spilling snacks. Movie theater employees have better things to do than clean up after people who can't bother walking a few extra feet to the garbage can. Make the effort!

5. Asking questions during the movie. Sometimes it's necessary to ask clarifying questions. But other times, since it's very possible that most questions you might think to ask will be answered moments later, it's probably better to wait.

6. People kicking my chair/putting their feet on the seat. I don't really want anything to do with other people's feet, and if those feet are distracting me from the story I paid to watch, it's even more annoying.

7. Recliners. Some movie theaters have reclining seats and the most annoying thing about them is the people who play with them. Decide where you want to be and stay there!

8. Getting up and making people move during the movie. This is unlikely to make anyone happy. I want to watch the movie and hear the story! If you're prone to doing this, consider choosing an aisle seat.

9. Using your phone. The light that comes from opening your phone is not limited to your eyes. The movie theater is dark and the sudden appearance of light is very noticeable. Most things aren't important enough to warrant opening your phone in the theater.

10. Laughing at parts of the movie that aren't funny. This also applies to any other responses that don't fit with the situation on screen. It makes everyone else wonder what you're laughing at. Like the other issues, the main problem here is pulling others out of the story.

-- Savanna Clark, Venture High


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