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I am strong, I am brave; Cinda Wayment barrel racing spotlight

By Kris Blankman western Wasatch Contributor - | Dec 26, 2020
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Cinda and her horse Rickie Bobbie with their most recent trophy saddle.

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Cinda and her horse Rocky compete in pole bending at a Turn Pro Barrel Racing Jackpot.

Reminded by a bracelet on her arm, Cinda Wayment’s positive affirmation of, “I Am Strong, and I Am Brave,” keeps her on the right track both in barrel racing and in life. Like all of us Cinda has had her share of challenges and success’. She shared that the popular phrase on another bracelet she wears, “Live, Love and Laugh,” are important aspects of her life, emphasizing on the laughter.

Cinda grew up in Pleasant View, Utah and now resides in Harrisville, Utah. After working for the Internal Revenue Service for 30 years, Cinda is now retired. As we talked I realized that Cinda, like so many “horse” people, has found enjoyment, therapy, healing, achievement, and love with having horses as an integral part of her life. She has been blessed to have them in her life since she was 8 years old. As she grew and later in life married, her husband who was not a “horse guy,” married not only Cinda but all her equine family as well. Over the years he grew to share her love for them. They bought a two-year-old paint horse for him. She said he was not pretty and looked like a moose, but as Cinda worked with the colt she realized he had speed and that he might be the one she was looking for. Such was the case and Rocky became her all-around club horse. If you have ever had a once in a lifetime horse you will know exactly what Rocky was to Cinda. They competed in the Utah Western Riding Association for 10 years. Cinda has been a member and competing in said organization for 30. She has competed in all the events, except for roping.

In 2012 Cinda lost her dear husband. As she navigated through the grief and tried to find herself again, her family and friends rallied around her and have been a continuous source of support and strength. Rocky was also by her side giving her purpose and hope. It was about two years later when Cinda decided to pursue barrel racing more seriously. It was something she always enjoyed and wanted to do. She took that opportunity when she joined the Turn Pro Jackpot Association.

When Rocky was at the top of his form, according to Cinda he was 20 years old, they had the opportunity to compete in Las Vegas during the NFR at the All-In Barrel Race in 2017. Rocky did well at the event but experienced colic after and passed away in surgery. This was another tragic loss to Cinda.

After losing Rocky, even though she had other horses at the time, she was searching for another special horse to be competitive on. She was also working on starting over again, and just focusing on living life the best way she could. About a year ago she found Ricky Bobbie! Having been drawn to another paint horse she found what she was looking for. Cinda and her paint were well on their way when Cinda had to overcome another stumbling block in her life. Remember Cinda’s bracelets? The ones with the positive affirmations of, “I Am Strong, and I Am Brave,” and “Live, Love, Laugh?” These were gifts from her support group after battling and recovering from alcoholism. She found solace and therapy with her horse and with the support of friends. After taking a month off from riding during her recovery, Cinda and Ricky Bobbie made a wonderful comeback this past season. This dynamic duo won a year end award saddle in the Turn Pro Jackpot Association.

Although she has had many success’ and wins in the USWRCA throughout her riding career, participating in the All-In Barrel Race and winning the saddle are highlights in Cinda’s horse life. Both of which she would love to do again if given the opportunity.

Cinda loves to trail ride, camp, and spend time with good friends and family. She also has a love for writing poetry. I asked her if she would be willing to share some of it with us. She said she wrote a poem after loosing a big gray horse that she loved. That same year a few of her friends lost horses as well so she wrote this with all in mind. Having been down that road and loosing a once in a lifetime horse, I was very touched by her poem. She graciously shared it with all of us. It is published in the Cowboy Poetry section in this magazine. Here is to sending good wishes to Cinda and Ricky Bobbie who have a bright future ahead of them.


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