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Texas Fashion at the National Finals Rodeo

By Elizabeth Becky Hougaard western Wasatch Contributor - | Dec 26, 2020
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Rodeo Quincy and baby rocks a pair of grey gaberdine bells with ruffles and faux fur leopard at a performance at the NFR.

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Rodeo Quincy and friends model various leopard pieces and vintage tees topped with large concho belts.

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Tami Taylor and husband pose on the pink carpet wearing a bright serape skirt and black western blazer with tooled leather accents.

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Tami Taylor with a friends before a performance of the NFR wearing leopard, serape, fringe and a studded jacket.

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Tami Taylor poses with a friend at the Cowboy Christmas trade show sporting a buckskin jacket with beading and fringe.

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Tami Taylor poses on the concourse during the NFR rocking serape bells and a black duster.

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Tami Taylor in a navy velvet jacket and printed bells.

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Utah native Cami Cushing McBride fashions a pair of cowhide boots and turquoise at an NFR performance.

When we heard that the National Finals Rodeo was canceled in Las Vegas this year I think a lot of us were disappointed. It’s so easy for us Utahn’s to drive or fly to Vegas and for many it’s an annual must-go event! Thankfully Texas was able to host the NFR this year but many of us couldn’t go.

One of my favorite things at the NFR is seeing all the fashion; classic to new or a mixture of both. At the National FInals Rodeo, you will see a 10 day fashion show like no other! How fun it is to attend and see all of the new fashions and hundreds of vendors at the Cowboy Christmas Git Show! I had friends there that posted daily or took photos and watched as many of the shows as possible! What was big this year? Many of the trends that have been in for the last couple of years but even more! There was plenty of old school western but also a mixture of bold, bright and flashy outfits that were a blast! Bell bottoms in denim as well as many colors and prints such as stripes and serape. Many also had cut out bells in many colorful fabrics, fringe, ruffles or lace on them and in fabrics such as velvet and shiny satin!

The animal prints are still in full swing. Pants, tops, jackets, scarves and boots in cowhide print, leopard, cheetah and shakeskin mixed with bright colors. Talk about color! Serape in bright vibrant colors was also popular for pants, blazers, skirts and boots!

Western T-shirts in retro styles worn with all these were seen a lot too! Fancy cowboy boots were still a staple but the short style boots in colors and prints were everywhere. I also loved seeing many ladies wearing dresses and skirts with a western flair such as fringe, great concho belts and scarves!

Speaking of scarves. There were so many outfits accented with scarves as a fashion statement. Beautiful western prints and colors in scarves; nowadays the choices are endless!

For jewelry there are also lots of bold fun colors but the strength still seems to be silver and Turquoise. You can’t go wrong with these! The NFR is a great place to get fashion ideas and have fun wearing all of your cute outfits! Hopefully next year it will be back in Vegas and I will see you there! If you need help finding any of the Items I’ve mentioned just let me know! I can find them for you. I will also be heading to Dallas Market in January and can find just about anything there. In the meantime there are so many wonderful online boutiques and retail stores here in Utah to choose from so make sure you take a look locally and help support our wonderful small business in your area!! Till next time! Happy Trails!

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