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Western Fashion Report: The Western Vest

By Elizabeth Becky Hougaard - | Jun 28, 2020
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Chris Peterson in DRI Duck’s trek vest

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Ladies vests from Wyoming Traders

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Ashley vest from Wyoming Traders

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Kobler tooled leather vest

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A couple shows off wool vests and scarves from Wyoming Traders

Have you ever watched a western where the characters weren’t wearing a vest?  Have you ever gone into a western store that didn’t carry a variety of vests?  

The western vest is a staple in every cowboy or cowgirl’s life.  I think that we probably throw on a vest more than any other item of clothing that we wear!  (Well, except maybe jeans!)

They originally were used as a necessity for the cowboy. In the saddle it was hard to reach into their pants pockets, shirts usually only had one pocket so the vest provided many pockets to keep items within easy reach such as tobacco, a pocket knife, tally book, pocket watch, money, etc. The vest also helped to keep the body warm while still giving freedom of movement. When it got warm, just unbutton it. All of these are still applicable today. The only difference is that along with the practical working use of vests they have become a fashion statement too! They just look good!

Most vests come in wool, canvas or leather,  but there are also fabrics now such as the waxed canvas, silk or satin fancy vests, and nylon down vests which are popular too. They have also become fancy with leather trim,  fringe, fancy buttons, bright colors, and different lengths.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to wear them.  They are great for any outdoor activities or those that work outdoors and  special events such as Weddings!   When looking for a vest there are so many options!   Some of my favorite brands for wools, canvas or leather vests are Wyoming Traders, Scully, Outback trading,  Dri Duck,  Cody James, and Filson.   For some fun fancy ones look for Kobler Leather,  Double D Ranch, Rhonda Stark, Scully  and Silverado.   Adding a silk wild rag of course completes the look as well as great neck protection!     My giveaway this month is a mens or ladies vest from Wyoming Traders.  Your Choice!  Just shoot me an e-mail with comments or suggestions at  RockinHH@gmail.com.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Happy Trails and stay safe out there!


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