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Britt Bradford; junior high rodeo president

By Kris Blankman western Wasatch Contributor - | Oct 22, 2020
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Britt Bradford was elected president of the Utah Junior High School Rodeo Association.

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Britt poses with two of his tie down roping idols.

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Britt competed at the 2019 ACTRA National Finals in Reno, Nevada.

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Britt competes in tie down roping at a Utah junior high school rodeo.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!” That is the mantra that 14-year-old Brit Bradford lives by. This thoughtful and talented young man lives in Salem, Utah and is in the 8th grade at Salem Jr. High. His favorite subject is PE and along with rodeo he loves hunting, fishing, traveling, and sports. He especially likes baseball and football. He is the middle child of 5, with 3 sisters and 1 brother. For the most part, Brit comes from a rodeo family. His dad ropes and his brother is a member of the High School rodeo team. The legacy goes back farther than that with his grandpa and great grandparents passing down the roping gene.

This tough young cowboy shared that when he was 2 ½ years old he was trampled by a horse and life flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital. His parents were worried that he would never want to be around horses again. When he recovered enough to go home, they stopped by a friend’s house during a roping practice. They put him on a horse with that friend and Brit tells us that he has ridden almost every day since! “I love horses and am so grateful I’m still here and get to ride whenever I want.” Brit Bradford.

Brit entered his first rodeo in Maui when he was 6 years old. He calf ropes, team ropes, goat ties, ribbon ropes and competes in chute dogging. This all-around cowboy says that his favorite thing about rodeo is competing and meeting people from all over the world! Brit is a member of the Utah Junior High School Rodeo Association and is the 2020-2021 Student President. He said, “I challenge everyone to set goals, practice, be positive, cheer each other on, make a new friend and most importantly…Have Fun!!!” His most memorable rodeo accomplishments are winning the 2020 Utah State Championship in heeling and competing in the Las Vegas 2019 Junior National Finals Rodeo.

When asked to share something random about himself Brit told us that when he was 8 years old, he was trying to tie a calf to a fence, and it took off while Britt’s finger was in the rope. He was medevacked to Honolulu where they did surgery and fixed his finger.

It is no surprise to learn that this tough and determined young man’s goals for the next few years are to win more state and national titles and to make more friends. His goals for life are inspirational when he shares that he wants to be kind and respectful to others and work hard to accomplish his dreams and that he is grateful for God who makes all things possible! He says that he sees himself pro-rodeoing in ten years. I think the future of rodeo is in good hands with young men like Brit having big dreams and the determination to accomplish them!


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