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Western Wasatch

Miss Rodeo Ogden Shianne Lowe inspires others to follow their dreams

Shianne Lowe knows how important it is to try hard and never give up on your dreams. On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Shianne Lowe was named Miss Rodeo Ogden. But this wasn’t her first rodeo. She has been involved in the rodeo scene her entire life and had competed for the title of Miss Rodeo ...

So You Want To Breed Your Mare?

Breeding horses can be a tricky business. A fertile mare can save a breeder a lot of time and money. Lets look at some things we can do to evaluate our mares fertility and optimize our breeding success.<strong>Physical condition and age</strong> can play a big part ...

New Utah DWR program great way to encourage others to join the hunt

Being in the great outdoors is one of the premiere benefits of living in the pristine State of Utah. Over the decades hunters have ventured into our mountains taking with them not only their children and grandchildren, but other people, young and old alike, in pursuit big game. Today, these ...