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Get ready social media – Ferguson grand jury decision

By Paul Barney - | Nov 24, 2014

A grand jury has come to a conclusion in the case of a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teen.  Michael Brown, 18, was shot by officer Darren Wilson back in August. After the initial incident much civil unrest and protest arose. 

On Monday, social media flared up again with plans for demonstration after news of the decision is reported to be made later this evening. Even the ACLU took an opportunity to make sure demonstrators knew their rights on a t-shirt.

Wear your rights! We will be distributing Tshirts at action sites. Connect w/ @MarcClimaco & @dianascholl for deets. pic.twitter.com/KtcY6E0JfG

— ACLU National (@ACLU) November 23, 2014

Everyone be safe today. Looks like grand jury results will release later & some are ready to do harm regardless of outcome. #Ferguson

— Laurell K. Hamilton (@LKHamilton) November 24, 2014

The grand jury has reached a decision on the shooting of Mike Brown in #Ferguson. We don’t know whether they will indict yet. Stay tuned.

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) November 24, 2014

Government officials have planned, that if Wilson is not charged, to try to avoid the same protests that broke out when Brown was killed.  

BREAKING: According to CNN, law enforcement expects a #Ferguson grand jury decision within hours.

— JRehling (@JRehling) November 24, 2014

Today, we pray for the families of Michael Brown and all involved in the #ferguson grand jury’s decision – for peace, hope and restoration.

— Bryan Carter (@BryanLCarter) November 24, 2014

The jury has not yet made it’s announcement, but is planning on making the announcement sometime tonight.  


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