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Amazon warehouse opening delayed; supply problems cited

By Mark Shenefelt - | Jun 28, 2022

DENNIS MONTGOMERY, Special to the Standard-Examiner

The newly constructed Amazon regional warehouse located in Marriott-Slaterville at Interstate 15 and 400 North, pictured Jan. 9, 2022, is expected to open for operation at an unspecified date in the future.

MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE — A 183,000-square-foot Amazon distribution warehouse sits ready in Marriott-Slaterville, but it might not open until 2024, apparently because supply-chain problems have delayed installation of interior equipment.

The warehouse, estimated to bring 300-500 jobs, was scheduled to open this year. However, City Administrator Bill Morris said Tuesday he understood that equipment needed for the operation “is stuck in the supply chain.”

Natalie Banke, an Amazon spokesperson in San Francisco, said Tuesday the company had no new information to share about the project, including reasons for the delay or an expected opening date.

Morris said the project’s delay gives officials more time to address traffic congestion problems they anticipate will develop once the distribution hub begins operating.

The Interstate 15 interchange at 400 North likely will see heavy new traffic pressure from the warehouse, which sits to the northeast, and the city hopes the interchange will be improved.

“We’re in an evaluation phase, looking at possible traffic impacts,” Utah Department of Transportation spokesperson Mitch Shaw said regarding the interchange.

“We are continuing to communicate with Marriott-Slaterville about any sort of stop-gap measures, but any major upgrade would require a whole study process,” Shaw said.

Morris said the city hopes to be able to secure state and county grants for two new traffic lights on 400 North, one at the new intersection where the warehouse access road connects and the other at 1500 West near a charter school.

Depending on how extensive those signal projects must be, the city may need up to $1 million for the work, Morris said.

Morris said the Amazon warehouse is smaller than some of the warehouses at nearby Business Depot Ogden that are 230,000 square feet. The Amazon warehouse here is a “last-mile delivery” facility, made to handle volume in Weber County, as compared to a larger regional hub such as one of the company’s operations in Salt Lake County.

The parking lot here has been wired for electric vehicle charging, Morris said, including provisioning for an all-electric Amazon van fleet locally.


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