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Jake’s Over the Top to close, Quick Quack Car Wash coming

By Tim Vandenack - | Apr 5, 2023
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The outside of Jake's Over the Top in Ogden, photographed Tuesday, April 4, 2023.
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The outside of Jake's Over the Top in Ogden, photographed Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

OGDEN — Plans are in the works to build a Quick Quack Car Wash in the space where Jake’s Over the Top now sits and on an abutting parcel to the south.

Quick Quack closed on the purchase of the property two-and-a-half years ago and “is working to secure the planning and permitting approvals to break ground in 2023,” Amaris Garcia, director of marketing and public relations for Quick Quack, said Tuesday.

Jake’s, a local institution owned by Ned and Lisa King that’s been around for about 30 years, sits off Harrison Boulevard at 1225 Country Hills Drive near the Weber State University campus. No one on Tuesday answered the telephone number at the business.

But there’s plenty of scuttlebutt on the “You know your from Ogden if” Facebook page. Many people posted photos of messages on blue paper that the Kings have apparently been distributing to customers of late saying the business will “permanently close” this coming Saturday evening.

“It is with deepest gratitude we acknowledge our dedicated managers and staff who have worked hard to give our customers a great experience,” reads the message. Cars snaked from the Jake’s parking lot into Country Hills Drive on Tuesday afternoon — people, perhaps, getting their last fix of an “over-the-top” shake, with ice cream extending beyond the top of the cup.

Garcia said the Quick Quack plans off Harrison Boulevard have been in the works for some time and that real estate brokers worked with the Kings in investigating the possible relocation of Jake’s. However, she understands the couple would rather retire. Quick Quack, which is based in Roseville, California, has 10 locations in Utah, according to its website.

Barton Brierley, the Ogden planning manager, said his office recently received a conditional use permit request related to plans to build a car wash on the land where Jake’s sits. The development would also extend to the parcel just to the south at 1250 Halverson Drive, where a building currently adorned with a sign promoting Classic Beauty Salon sits.

“We just got the applications in,” Brierley said Tuesday. The applicant, Lonestar Building of Springville, also filed an application for a site plan review, part of the building process. The two applications will probably go before the Ogden Planning Commission at its May 3 meeting.

The car wash plans as proposed to his office, Brierley said, call for a drive-thru car wash and space for a bank of car vacuums. The two parcels, Jake’s and Classic Beauty Salon, measure 0.71 acres and sit east of the CVS pharmacy at the southeast corner of Country Hills Drive and Harrison Boulevard and north of the Pie Pizzeria at 4300 Harrison Blvd.

Online property records for the Jake’s and Classic Beauty Salon site point to the coming of a Quick Quack. An entity called QQ Utah 5 currently owns the Jake’s property while an entity called QQ Utah 4 owns the Classic Beauty Salon site.

An entity called QQ Utah 3 owns the Quick Quack Car Wash in Roy at 5325 S. 1900 West and QQ Utah 4 owns the Quick Quack Car Wash at 424 N. Washington Blvd. in Ogden. A search of online business records managed by the state of Utah shows that QQ Utah 3, QQ Utah 4 and QQ Utah 5 are all based in Roseville, California, and have the same registered agent, CT Corporation System.

Garcia, the Quick Quack spokesperson, noted the charitable initiatives of the company. “We’re eager to continue being a partner in the community and expand our fundraising and community efforts in Ogden,” she said in a statement.


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