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City Council candidate Gooch ‘just a normal guy’ who believes in individual freedoms

By Deborah Wilber - | Oct 7, 2021

Photo supplied, Thomas Gooch

This undated photo shows Ogden City Council candidate Thomas Gooch.

OGDEN — Comparing himself to other City Council candidates and incumbents in the 2021 municipal elections, Thomas Gooch considers himself a regular Joe.

“I feel like I’m the normal guy,” said Gooch, who is running against incumbent Angela Choberka representing District 1 of Ogden city.

He is a big proponent of individual freedoms, he said, and believes a seat on the City Council is where he can help people get those freedoms.

Gooch recalls an eye-opening conversation he had with a man in Ogden about being homeless. The man reportedly told Gooch he was as happy as could be because he does not owe money for bills he could not pay and does not have to answer to anyone — he is free.

“What is seen, and what is not seen,” Gooch said, quoting Frederic Bastiat in reference to the American Renewable Energy Act of 2021. For Gooch, what is seen is the perception of government trying to save the world. What is not seen are the people who cannot afford to have it forced upon them.

He believes people should be left alone, so they can put their money where they want to. The layered effect of increasing property taxes frustrates Gooch. With every increase, there is a higher mortgage and there is an increase in rent in a city with housing issues.

“The city talks about housing all the time, and it’s sad because they cannot do much about it,” Gooch said.

In his view, Ogden needs to build more mobile home parks, RV parks, tiny homes and studios to help tackle housing availability. Gooch does not fancy himself as being anything special, but he does regard himself as a logical, longterm thinker.

The only thing Gooch can promise the people of Ogden is to vote no on things they don’t want. According to him, Ogden residents feel too much is changing too fast, they feel they are not being represented, but rather like they are being walked on.

“The government should not have their hands in everything,” Gooch said.

He is in favor of term limits when it comes to serving at a government capacity. He believes once a person gets power, they want to keep it, referencing a book he read recently, “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

“I’m not good at any of them,” Gooch said of the characteristics detailed in the book, which gives a historical perspective on how figures acquire power. “And I’m pretty good at a lot of things.”

As a mechanical design engineer, he said he’s curious by nature and loves to learn. And, if elected, he will soon learn to juggle.


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