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White hoping to continue efforts on the City Council

By Deborah Wilber - | Oct 7, 2021

City Council member Marcia White pictured in front of Ogden City Municipal Building. (Photo supplied)

OGDEN — City Council incumbent Marcia White has much to say on what she believes still needs to be done in the community. White is seeking a third term to continue the work she started eight years ago. She said she felt qualified to do the job then and still does.

She is not looking forward to seeing council members change with the upcoming election, saying that a lot of work goes into building relationships with other council members. “We’ve had really hard conversations with each other, but at the end of the day we come together,” she said.

The Nebraska transplant moved to the Beehive State after being recruited by the University of Utah to do insurance contracting for transplants. Over the years, White has expanded upon her career to health care finance and consulting, but she is still an engineer by trade.

As an economic development director for Wasatch Front Regional Council, she brings together regional concepts to a local level and assists with planning and economic development. Having owned two businesses, White says government cannot run like a business — but she believes government can implement nuances like a business.

“Housing is a hard issue,” White said. “If it was easy to fix, it would have been done already.” The problem isn’t necessarily an Ogden-specific problem. She believes other cities in the area are not doing their part to offer affordable housing.

White grew up in a political household, and she recalls having political debates around the dinner table with her great-uncle who was a governor of Nebraska and a U.S. senator. She said she’s not much of a debater and instead tries to be an educator.

“I never gave it a second thought,” White said of volunteering and dedicating her time to public service.

As for the election itself, White said she is running for something — not someone.


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