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Ogden City taking applications for next crop of Youth Council members

By Deborah Wilber - | May 25, 2022

Photo supplied, Ogden City

The Ogden City Municipal Building is shown in August 2020.

OGDEN — Students residing in Ogden are being encouraged to apply for the city’s Youth Council — a program working with local government leaders. The Ogden City Council has begun accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Nine positions on the Youth Council are needing to be filled, and any student enrolled in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to apply.

The program is designed to give local students real-world experience working with local government, developing leadership skills and participating in service projects.

Those inducted into the Youth Council will meet once or twice a month to discuss and help plan service projects in the community alongside Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell and the City Council in addition to attending Local Government Day at the State Capitol.

“This is a great opportunity for Ogden youth to get up close and personal with Ogden City and serve the community,” Ogden City Council Chair Ben Nadolski said in a statement. Still in its infancy, the program has had many many successes, he added.

Ross Watkins, and Ogden City policy analyst and advisor to the Youth City Council, said he has had memorable experiences working with students since the program was established last year.

In discussing matters important to them, the Youth Council initiated the call for a new Ogden City flag. Watkins said the Youth Council was behind the entire project, which is suspected to be revealed in August.

“They’re going to be great leaders,” he said.

Having received a job abroad, Watkins’ last day to work with the council is on Friday. He said he has enjoyed his time with them. Interviews are underway for his replacement.

To apply, visit ogdencity.com/youthcouncil. Applications require an authorization form from a parent or guardian for any photos taken and used on the council’s website and social media accounts.

For additional information, contact Ogden City Council Communications Manager Brandon Garside at brandongarside@ogdencity.com or 801-629-8103.


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