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Matheson focuses on environment, affordability for Ogden council race

By Rob Nielsen - | Apr 25, 2023

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Katie Matheson is running for an at-large seat on the Ogden City Council.

OGDEN -- Tackling issues affecting air quality and the cost of living are among the top priorities of a new City Council contender.

Last week, Katie Matheson told the Standard-Examiner she will be running for the at-large position on the board.

She said she's been active in the community for years.

"I started community organizing in 2017 and, from there, I realized not only do I have a passion for community organizing and government, but I also have a knack for it," she said.

Matheson said she wants to make Ogden work for all parties.

"I have two school-aged kids -- my boys attend Liberty Elementary School -- and I see a lot of opportunity in Ogden," she said. "The reality of why I'm running is because I'm a mom and I see the impacts decisions that are made at the local level have on our families. I'm running because I believe that Ogdenites from kindergarteners to senior citizens deserve to live in a city where they have the opportunity to live happy lives and to live prosperous lives."

Matheson said combatting poor air quality in the city and expanding green space are among her priorities.

"Clean air is one of my key priorities," she said. "Another priority area is green space. My kids play rec sports and I want our kids to be able to play in these community spaces that are valuable, not just for community connection, but also to reduce heat sinks. It helps keep our city cooler during the hot months."

She would also like to put a focus on making it easier to live in the city itself.

"Affordability is something that's on the minds of everyone living anywhere in the country -- especially in Utah and Ogden, it's a challenge we're facing," she said. "In Ogden, we have a remarkable education infrastructure. We have the ability to educate our kids kindergarten-college. I want to ensure, if our kids want to as they go through college and graduate college, they stay in Ogden and they're able to afford it. And not only are they able to afford it, they're able to buy their first places of residence."

Matheson said she's excited about the opportunity to run for City Council.

"We're in a really special moment in time," she said. "There's lots of change happening in Ogden, and it's really important for all Ogdenites -- myself included -- that the needs of Ogdenites are represented at the table where decisions are being made for Ogdenites.

The at-large position on the City Council is currently held by Luis Lopez. The Standard-Examiner attempted to reach out on whether or not he intends to run again in 2023, but no reply was received.


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