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Myers, Van Wagoner see biggest contribution figures in Ogden City Council races

By Rob Nielsen - | Aug 31, 2023
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The Ogden Municipal Building, shown Thursday, June 29, 2023. Campaign donations and expenditures for the City Council candidates vying for seats in this very building were released August 29, 2023.
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Five candidates are facing off in the primary for the District 4 seat on the Ogden City Council. They are, clockwise from top left, Steve Van Wagoner, Austin Raymond, Sebastian Benitez, Alexander Castagno and Dave Graf. Voting ends on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.
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Four contenders are running for the at-large seat C post on the Ogden City Council. They are, clockwise from top left, Shaun Myers, Lara Gale, Levi Andersen and John Thompson. Primary voting, which ends on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023, will serve to narrow the list of hopefuls to two.

OGDEN — The filing deadline for primary election financial disclosures has come and gone and there are some wide gaps in campaign contributions in the two Ogden City Council races.

Campaign financial disclosure reports were due Tuesday and all candidates participating in the primary have filed.

In the District 4, Steven Van Wagoner reported $19,026.50 had been contributed to his campaign, while in the race for the at-large C seat, Shaun Myers reported $16,587.45 in contributions. Both of these figures include contributions the candidates made to their own campaigns.

The following are expanded looks at the earnings and expenditures of each campaign:

District 4

Candidate: Sebastian Benitez

Contributions: Benitez reported raising $1,200 from several donors, with the most donated at one time being $250. The report does not show him injecting money of his own into the campaign.

Expenditures: Benitez reported $1,084 in expenses for signage, a website and campaign stickers. This leaves the campaign with $116 on hand.

Candidate: Steven Van Wagoner

Contributions: Van Wagoner reported $19,076.50 in contributions to his campaign, $5,731 of which he injected into the campaign himself. The remaining $13,345.50 comes from dozens of private donors as well as private entities including the Northern Utah Labor Council ($500), The Thor Living Trust LLC ($1,500) and Apollo Capital Inc. ($1,500).

Expenditures: Van Wagoner reported $15,071.98 on marketing, mailings and other campaign materials. His campaign has $3,954.52 remaining.

Candidate: Alexander Castagno

Contributions: Castagno reported $638.12 in contributions with $78.99 of that coming from his own injections. The remaining $559.13 came from five private citizens, with the highest contribution being $263.19.

Expenditures: Castagno reported $629.27 in expenditures on campaign paraphernalia, a website and other marketing items. This leaves the campaign with $8.85 on hand.

Candidate: Dave Graf

Contributions: Graf reported contributions of $18,572.92 toward his campaign, with $4,673.42 coming from his own pocket. The remaining $13,899.50 was contributed by dozens of private citizens, with the highest donation being $1,500. A handful of private entities also donated, including the Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors ($1,500) and Simplified Landscaping ($200). Mike Caldwell for Mayor also donated $500.

Expenditures: Graf listed $12,284.81 in expenditures on campaign events, paraphernalia, mailings, supplies and background checks for himself. This leaves a balance of $6,288.11.

Candidate: Austin Raymond

Contributions: Raymond has received a single donation of $15.

Expenditures: Raymond’s sole reported expenditure is the $25 campaign filing fee.

At-Large C

Candidate: Lara Gale

Contributions: Gale has reported no contributions toward her campaign.

Expenditures: Gale reported two expenditures — the campaign filing fee ($25) and fliers ($382.29) — for a total of $407.29.

Candidate: J. Levi Andersen

Contributions: Andersen reported contributions of $1,265.98, with $740.98 being attributed to “Levi Andersen” or “Carrie & Levi Andersen.” The remaining $525 was attributed to private citizens, with the largest donation being $100.

Expenditures: Andersen reported $1,238.08 in expenditures, including on websites, signage and business cards. The campaign reported a balance of $27.90.

Candidate: John Thompson

Contributions: Thompson has reported no donations to his campaign.

Expenditures: Thompson reported only two items under expenditures — filing fees ($25) and fliers ($8.15), for a total of $33.15 in expenditures.

Candidate: Shaun Myers

Contributions: Myers reported contributions of $16,587.45 toward his campaign, with $10,000 coming from his own pocket. The remaining $6,587.45 is attributed to private citizens, with the highest amount given being $1,500.

Expenditures: Myers reported $13,410.92 in campaign expenditures for the filing fee, mailings and signage.


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