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Hooper candidates discuss their visions for City Council, city

By Rob Nielsen - | Nov 14, 2023

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Hooper City Council candidates, clockwise from top left: Kamie Hubbard, Dale Fowers, Ryan Hill and Cindy Cox.

HOOPER — Those vying for spots on the Hooper City Council are sharing their visions for the future of the municipal body.

The candidates, who are vying for two open seats, include current Mayor Dale Fowers, incumbent council members Ryan Hill and Cindy Cox, and challenger Kamie Hubbard.

Hubbard, who’s worked in property management, said she wanted to spend some of her retirement serving the people of Hooper.

“I have the time because I’m retired and I was looking for a way to give back to the community,” she said. “I’d like to help make positive changes.”

Cox, a retired small business owner who spent eight years on the Hooper Planning Commission and is running for her second term on the City Council, said she’s running to help put into practice the recently adopted general plan.

“We have a lot of challenges with managing growth,” she said. “We have a new general plan that was accepted in 2022. We made some zoning changes and modifications to that and I would like to be around to help make sure we effectively adhere to those changes and make sure we do the best for the citizens of Hooper to manage the growth and development.”

Fowers, the current mayor of Hooper and a retired U.S. Department of Agriculture worker, said he wants to continue to apply his experience to make sure growth and development are done right in Hooper.

“I have some experience and I have something to offer Hooper City as far as planning and future development,” he said.

Hill, Hooper’s postmaster who’s seeking a third term on the City Council, said he’s running to help provide experience as the city gains a new mayor.

“There’s going to be a change in our administration, obviously,” he said. “I just felt like whoever that is needs some support and some stability. With the experience I’ve had, I feel like I can help the transition.”

Hubbard said transparency would be a priority for her, if elected.

“The current City Council has made some decisions that the public wasn’t aware of,” she said. “I know that it’s up to the public to look for things happening. I’m subscribed to the (city’s website) and I get notices when City Council meetings are. … There’s other ways that the City Council could advertise what’s happening and give a little bit more notice, especially when important things are coming up. I think that we need to have more people attend those council meetings and have a voice.”

Cox said a priority of hers is maintaining and expanding recreational trail offerings in the city.

“I’m very involved in seeing that we have a connected trail system,” she said. “I’d really like to see that through. I’d like see more connectivity to other communities and improve the parks and trail system, specifically in Hooper.”

Fowers said, if elected, sustainability would be the theme of his priorities.

“The word ‘sustainability,’ I think, is just a good word to describe what I’d like to see Hooper be,” he said. “It’s a sustainable city where people can look at this as a place where the infrastructure will sustain the people that live here. I’m talking about sewer and water.”

Hill said infrastructure will also be a top priority for him.

“Our sewer system is very unique in Hooper City,” he said. “That just needs to be maintained and the necessary upgrades (made). More importantly, I think our roads need some attention.”


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