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Rep. Moore joins group meant to serve as watchdog to US spending

By Tim Vandenack - | Sep 13, 2023

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U.S. Rep. Blake Moore is a Republican from Salt Lake City.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Moore has joined another legislative group meant to serve as a watchdog to spending, underscoring his focus on the U.S. debt and monitoring the government’s purse strings.

The Salt Lake City Republican announced Wednesday he had launched the bipartisan What Works Caucus, teaming with a Republican colleague and two Democratic lawmakers.

The group aims to help Congress “evaluate which programs and policies deliver the best results, and use evidence and data to shift federal dollars toward what works,” reads a press release. “It will also spotlight data-driven local, state and federal efforts that are improving outcomes for residents in Utah, Ohio, Indiana and Colorado so they can expand across the country.”

The four states cited are served by the four lawmakers who formed the group — Moore; Rep. Rudy Yakym, a Republican from Indiana; and Democratic Reps. Greg Landsman of Ohio and Brittany Pettersen of Colorado.

In July, Moore, who represents Utah’s 1st District, which includes Weber County, announced he had joined a bipartisan legislative group focused on trimming the U.S. deficit, the Bipartisan Fiscal Forum. The mission of that group is to increase the focus and debate on the U.S. debt issue.

Moore has long said trimming the U.S. deficit is a top priority, and the What Works Caucus will apparently aid in the efforts, aiming for an objective approach to the issue. “As we seek to rein in wasteful spending and more effectively use our federal resources, the need for a data-driven approach in Washington has never been clearer,” Moore said in a statement.

Among Yakym’s aims are combatting “bloated bureaucracy” and using tax money wisely. “With our nation $31 trillion in debt, it’s clear Congress needs to get serious about cutting government waste,” he said.


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