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U-Talk: Do you plan to go to the Weber County Fair, and what do you think about it?

By Staff | Aug 8, 2022
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Sarah Atencio
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Connor Quinn
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Mickenzi Tapia
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Makayla San Nicolas
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Clay Peterson

“We will go to the fair. We have kids and it is the perfect place to end the summer. I look forward to the food most of all; the food at the fair is so good — funnel cake, just all of it.” — Sarah Atencio, Ogden

“I haven’t thought about it yet. … I think that something like a community fair is somewhere where people can just go and be. I think that it helps with the community aspect of things. So, I feel like continuing to have events like community fairs is a small step in the right direction to continue keeping our community together.” — Connor Quinn, Ogden

“I will not be attending the fair this year. I am busy and I did not know it was happening. I do not think that I have ever been to the fair here. In the future, I can see myself going, possibly. I have a child, so I can see myself going in the future, just maybe not this year. If I do go, the biggest draw for me is the rides, the animals, you know things like that.” — Mickenzi Tapia, West Haven

“Well, I cannot really this year because I am pregnant. I cannot go on any of the rides. But, I mean, I will go for the food or whatever. When I was growing up, the rides were always fun. I have not been for a long time. Now, when I go, I like to take my little sister. I love watching people, just the environment, taking the kids and getting together with the family. When it is the finale, and they have all those fireworks, we try to go. It is good for the kids.” — Makayla San Nicolas, Ogden

“I do not have plans to go as of yet. I would go out of obligation. I remember going when I was younger, bits and pieces. I like the amusement aspect of it the most. I feel like the rides can get pretty whacky in name and theme. So, I guess that there is something fun about that. I like the amusement aspect of that all. And as a kid, I was just always just about getting out and getting food that wasn’t in the house, but I also believe that the communal aspect of fairs is pretty important.” — Clay Peterson, Ogden

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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