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Utah to Uganda: Ogden’s Subi Foundation aiming to support African village

By Deborah Wilber - | May 18, 2022

Photo supplied, Lisa Holliday Mukabire

The Mukabire family is pictured in the village of Ivuukula in Uganda. Geofrey and Lisa Mukabire founded the Subi Foundation in February to bring hope to the people of Uganda.

OGDEN — Looking to bring hope to village communities of Uganda, the newly formed Subi Foundation is holding its first fundraising event on May 28. A Subi Market Fair, intended to replicate a Ugandan market, will take place at Lorin Farr Park from 9 a.m. to noon.

A little something for everyone can be found at the Subi Market Fair, with a rummage sale, bake sale, silent auction, raffle, Ugandan kids games, face painting, live music and dancing.

The event is free to attend. All proceeds from items purchased will be used by the foundation to build a school in the Uganda village of Ivuukula.

“We want something better for the kids in Ivuukula. We want them to have what we so often take for granted in Utah — electricity, running water, flushing toilets, internet, healthy meals and a 21st century education,” Subi Foundation founder and President Lisa Holliday Mukabire said.

Geofrey Mukabire, born and raised in Ivuuukula, formed the Subi Foundation with his wife, Lisa, in February. In Luganda, the language of Namutumba County, Uganda, “subi” means hope.

Image supplied, Lisa Holliday Mukabire

The Ogden-based Subi Foundation, established in February, is holding its first fundraising event with a Ugandan market fair on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Foundation Vice President Mariah Killpack said it is through hope that the foundation is planning to bring education, health/hygiene and family development to lift individuals, families and communities from poverty to self-reliance.

The school will not only provide education to kids in Ivuukula, it will also serve the community with adult education and services.

Running water, electricity and a solid road from the center of the village to the 8 acres of land on which the school is to be built are needed.

Water found on the land is being tapped into to provide running water for the school, as well as for the people of Invuukula, who reportedly have to walk for miles to reach a water source.

Lisa Mukabire said she and her husband had a strong feeling they needed to do something with land he had inherited from his father.

As a teacher, Lisa Mukabire said she was distressed by the situation of education in the village.

“Most nonprofits building schools in Africa build them very much like what they already have — mud walls, thatched roofs, no running water or electricity,” she said.

Having a profound love for Africa and a desire to bring equal opportunities to the people of Uganda, the Mukabires are looking to make their dream of bringing a modern school to the village of Ivuukula a reality with help from the Ogden community.

Everything from the rummage sale to the bake sale and performances have been donated by the Ogden community.

“I am so amazed and appreciative of how the community members have come out to support this cause,” Lisa Mukabire said.


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