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U-Talk: What news were you following this past week?

By Staff | Jan 17, 2023

Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner

James Cadigan III

“A little bit of everything. A real tragedy Ken Block died this last week in a snowmobile accident. That was real tough to hear and big in the news. I follow the automotive community and that was something big that happened there. Aside from that, it is nice to hear that we have had all these storms to help with the drought, so that’s good news.” — James Cadigan III, Midvale

“I watched that documentary about the capitol riots, that was on HBO, but most of my news comes from YouTube, like independent news and independent journalists and stuff like that. Every now and then, I will read something from The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, stuff that is like sent to me from my friends. If someone finds something interesting, they will send it to me, and that is probably a couple times per week. But I do not really browse their websites or anything like that.” — Mason Norvell, Ogden

“I have been following the stuff about Andrew Tate because I hate him. I watch a lot of Tik-Tok and if it seems interesting, I Google it after that and read up on stuff. I maybe read an article from The New York Times like once per month.” — Sophie Norvell, Ogden

“The main thing that I have been following this week would be the Great Salt Lake. I have gone on field trips and it is like a desert out there, like in the movie “Holes.” … We have family members that go out there and dig for salt at this point. To hear about it last-minute, and it is going to be gone in two years. … I think the good thing about our generation (is) there is a big personal investment mental health. After looking into Ukraine, that is when I kind of tapped out. Everybody is the expert about what you should or should not do. The news is depressing because it is never good.” — Noah MacInnes, Ogden

“I usually check CNN first thing in the morning. It pops up on my phone and I will check that. … I tend to follow environmental studies more. … I have listened to Utah Public Radio, and there is a base of it out of Logan, Utah. I graduated with a conservation restoration ecology degree from Utah State. I check on local environmental stuff. Like, I will check and see what is going on with the Great Salt Lake. Aside from that, I tend to follow environmental podcasts and things like that. … I think with the news becoming so — well, it was an integral part of people’s lives, it was how people stayed connected back in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s — and you can find opinion pieces or studies proving one thing or another on any given day. I have worked a little bit in organic farming, and you talk to people who are like, ‘Oh, enriched flour,’ but in two weeks’ time you could probably find an article or study about why it is good for you. It is a good thing that people are so involved with it, people can write their own pieces. But at the same time, with social media, because it is so biased or, I guess, with it often being so subjective. I guess, for me, when I read the news, when I look at the verbiage, if I do not like what the headline is saying, I will not read it. Because I do not care to read about people’s inherent biases, opinions or things like that. … I do like (National Public Radio) and (Utah Public Radio). … Right now, I think what news is to me, it is what is going on with my family and my friends. As sad as it is, I do not so much care about global news anymore, and I invest my time in the people who are around me. … It feels like a waste of energy to invest in something that is so far away — and this is a selfish thing, but I do not care enough. I do all this reading just to feel depressed about it. I do not care enough because I do not know those people. It feels sad, and I feel sad for those people but there is nothing I can do about it. So, why spend all this time and energy just to feel sad? The only thing I can do about it is, like, voting.” — Hannah MacInnes, Ogden

Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner

Mason Norvell

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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Sophie Norvell

Noah MacInnes

Hannah MacInnes


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