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U-Talk: What are your favorite free activities for family fun during the summer?

By Staff | May 22, 2023
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Les Huff
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Lee Dalton
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Jim Wixom
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Roy Manez
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Michael Kimber

Editor's note: U-Talk is a weekly feature in which we ask five local residents to tell us their thoughts about a particular issue. Responses may be edited for clarity and length.

"I like to walk down the river trail walk, hiking the mountains, any of the parks for barbecues and stuff. ... I usually go with my family and friends. ... The Weber County Library is pretty cool down here and ... the farmers market. And, well, if it costs, I would recommend the Pioneer Days Rodeo. I would recommend that to anyone. Sometimes they have free concerts there." -- Les Huff, Ogden

"I have a little contraption called a powered parachute -- it carries two passengers, does everything at 30 mph, takeoffs, cruise and lands. We can take off from the backroads, the Salt Flats. ... I have been flying for 66 years. ... There are some great hikes at these beautiful mountains, a trip out to Antelope Island, a trip out to Golden Spike. Ogden is a friendly place, and I feel safe around here. Really, it is just a great place to spend time with your family." -- Lee Dalton, Ogden

"Hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, that's about all I can think of. ... Snowbasin is a great place to go for mountain biking. Up in Morgan, there is a lot of private ground, so there's not too much you can do up there. ... Depending on what you are into, if you are into hiking, I would suggest Waterfall Canyon, or take you up to Indian Trail, or Adams." -- Jim Wixom, Morgan

"Probably just traveling and hiking. We travel from one end of the state to the other building custom log home buildings. ... I enjoy being out in nature, I love being out in those areas. I also do some camping. ... I take my girlfriend along with me. We enjoy the outdoor living here, and the people out here are super inviting and friendly." -- Roy Manez, Ogden

"There are a couple courses out here for frisbee golfing. There's a few places that hold championships every other weekend. ... I love to take my friends and family and visit Pineview Dam. I love to take people up to the mountain ranges, Trapper's Loop, that area up there. That is what I love about Utah, just the mountain ranges and stuff. We live so close to the mountains that it isn't a far walk away. Also, I am big into photography, so I am always going on hikes, visiting the Botanical Gardens and I just enjoy spending a few hours taking nature photography. I am a big outdoors person, so I am happy that I live in Ogden for that reason specifically. ... There's a lot of great fishing out here too. Also, if you are into biking, like mountain biking, there are plenty of awesome trails to go on if you're into any mountain biking -- or mountain sports in general. And like I said, I am a big outdoors guy and there's plenty of things to do for fun family activities that don't cost anything, really." -- Michael Kimber, Ogden

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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