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Ex-Lesley’s Mobile Home Park site cleared of units; some rubble remains

By Tim Vandenack - | Oct 3, 2023
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The ex-Lesley's Mobile Home Park location in Riverdale, photographed Sept. 24, 2023, after the vacated mobile home units at the site had been demolished and largely removed. This photo is looking to the east.
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The ex-Lesley's Mobile Home Park location, photographed Sept. 3, 2023, before the mobile home units at the site had been demolished and removed. This photo is looking to the northeast.

RIVERDALE — Now you see it, now you don’t.

The old mobile home units at the ex-Lesley’s Mobile Home Park — an eyesore for some — are gone, though some debris remained as of the weekend.

“I know there was a motivated demolition crew that was over there and working with the code enforcement of the city,” said Mike Eggett, the Riverdale community development director.

As of mid-September, numerous mobile home units remained at the vacated park in varied states of disrepair. Crews moved in shortly thereafter and, as of last week, the trailers had all been removed or demolished, according to Steve Brooks, the city administrator.

“There are still large piles of debris that need to be hauled away. Some cement and asphalt will still need to be removed as well,” Brooks said. The former Carey’s Cycle Shop abutting the west side of the park has also been demolished as the land is to be incorporated into the 152-unit apartment complex to be built on the ex-Lesley’s property.

The residents of the mobile homes at the site had until May 31 to leave to accommodate redevelopment of the site, which sparked an outcry of opposition among many of them. But many of their units remained after the deadline came and went, sparking complaints from some Riverdale residents about the unsightliness of the location, according to city officials.

With the demolition efforts moving forward, Brooks said city officials are pleased. “Yes, even the piles of debris look better than the stripped trailers. It now looks more like a proposed project area,” he said.

Once cleared, Eggett said developers can move forward in earnest with planning to develop the five-building apartment complex.

“It is my understanding that they will continue to haul away the debris fields and possibly begin some form of land preparation before winter,” Brooks said. Other steps remain, though, including removal of some power lines and relocation of a transformer.

Mayor Braden Mitchell is happy with the progress and thinks the first stages of construction will now proceed, if weather cooperates. “Their project is fully approved, so they can proceed at their own pace,” he said.

Wright Development Group is handling development of the 5.5-acre site. A rep from the company didn’t respond to a query seeking comment on the next steps in the project.


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