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Construction worker rescued after being buried in trench collapse

By Rob Nielsen - | Jan 29, 2024

Photo supplied, Hemera Technologies

Emergency lights

WEBER COUNTY — A construction worker was saved after a job site accident Monday morning.

According to Weber Fire District Deputy Chief David Reed, crews were called around 9:45 a.m. Monday to a trench collapse at the site of an under-construction home near 3700 West 1850 South in unincorporated Weber County.

“I don’t know what he was doing down in the trench and it collapsed on him and buried him,” he said. “There was a guy working on a house next door … he took a backhoe over there and used the bucket and dug him out enough that they could get to him and get him out, which can be very dangerous.”

Reed said he was unsure of the full extent of worker’s injuries, but said the man was transported “urgently” to a local hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries.

Reed said working in larger trenches during construction requires that workers take safety measures.

“If you’re working in one that’s more than 4 feet (deep), you need to have the trench box in place that protects you and keeps it so it doesn’t collapse,” he said.


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