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FAA: Plane crashed on Pineview Reservoir while conducting touch-and-go maneuvers

By Rob Nielsen - | Jan 29, 2024

Photo supplied, Weber County Sheriff's Office

A small aircraft crashed into the ice at Pineview Reservoir on Friday, Jan. 26, 2024. A pilot and passenger both escaped uninjured.

HUNTSVILLE — Some initial details have begun to emerge around a plane crash that occurred Friday afternoon on Pineview Reservoir.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing page regarding the incident, the Cessna A185F was attempting a touch-and-go landing on the frozen reservoir when it broke through the ice. The aircraft became partially submerged as a result.

The Standard-Examiner reached out to the FAA on Monday in an attempt to gather more information, including official confirmation of where the aircraft took off from and where it was going and clarification of the rules around touch-and-go landings on frozen bodies of water.

Steve Kulm, public affairs specialist with the FAA’s Office of Communications, said in an email that, “The investigation is ongoing. We have nothing further to add.”

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release that the crash was reported around 12:57 p.m. Friday and that a pilot and passenger escaped from the plane uninjured.

Weber Fire District Deputy Chief David Reed told the Standard-Examiner the situation could’ve been much worse.

“They were super lucky to get out. That could’ve been really bad,” he said. “They were able to self-extricate and get a little ways out, and then our guys helped them. They were treated for exposure.”

He said neither the pilot nor the passenger required transport to a local hospital.

Reed said the plane was removed from the lake the next day by a heavy-lift helicopter and was transported to Morgan County Airport for the continuing investigation.


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