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Riverdale decision helps thaw impasse on Motor-Vu plans, but doesn't end flap

RIVERDALE — The developers of the ex-Coleman's Motor-Vu drive-in site in Riverdale are still hammering out some issues with city leaders before moving forward with the planned housing project at the location. Still, the Riverdale City Council decision last month approving the site plan for the 68-home project resolves perhaps the largest sticking point, says Jeff Walker, lawyer for the Sandy-based developer of the plans, Goldcrest Homes. He said he's "grateful" to city staffers and leaders for last month's action, but not yet ready to rescind the notice of claim Goldcrest sent city ...

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Letter: First they want to change the Utah flag, then what?

This is for all of our State Senators, Secretary, the Judiciary Court, Court of Appeals; including all 3 trial courts. Our Supreme Court, Distric Court & all 3 federal courts. I don't care if it's 1 step or 5 steps from being approved why change it just because there's some crybabies that ...

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