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Davis School District officials to now review Book of Mormon's suitability

FARMINGTON — First, the Bible was pulled from library shelves in Davis School District junior high and elementary schools. Now, the Book of Mormon — holy scripture to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — is in the crosshairs, the target of a review request from someone in the district who wants that religious book pulled from library shelves. What's more, the Utah lawmaker who co-sponsored 2022 legislation to keep books containing "sensitive materials" off school library shelves, House Bill 374, is speaking out. Rep. Ken Ivory said in response to the ...

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Letter: Parallels between imperfect Jewish, LDS orthodoxies

The Netflix series "Jewish Matchmaking" has an episode featuring Orthodox Jews Fay and Shaya that eerily resembles Latter-day Saint dating. What Jews call “frum,” or level of religiosity, turns out to be the most important and deciding factor in the match between Fay and Shaya, and the ...

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