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Ogden Twilight announces final remaining show in lineup

OGDEN — The annual Ogden Twilight concert series is set to return Thursday with a distinctly international feel, as Phoenix (Versailles, France) and Metric (Toronto, Canada) will take the stage at Ogden Amphitheater alongside Beastie Vee (Réunion Island, France). That theme continues with ...

Utah, the youngest state, is getting older. Here’s why that matters

Utah has long been known as the youngest state (with a median age of 32, according to the U.S. Census Bureau), but declining fertility rates and an aging adult population means the state is getting older. A new report released Monday by the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy ...

Riverdale barn continues to smolder after massive fire; juveniles charged

RIVERDALE — The distinct aroma of scorched materials and waves of smoke continued to emanate from the area near 6080 South Weber Drive on Monday following a massive barn fire several days earlier. The barn became engulfed in flames Friday when a pair of juveniles, who had run away from a ...