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‘Easter’ is Ishtar whose idol is the rabbit

By Howard Ratcliffe - | Mar 4, 2013


Jack O’ Lent, the straw man effigy brought out on Ash Wednesday; is pelted with muck and stones 40 days before being burned on Palm Sunday. It’s a gaunt puppet dressed in rags, misused and burned on a bonfire to represent Jesus Christ. In contrast, the Lord of Misrule, used in the celebration of Saturnalia, is richly attired; funny eh?

Jesus’ public ministry ended on Palm Sunday when he rode into Jerusalem through the East Gate, overthrew the tables of the money changers at the temple who had turned the temple into a “Den of Thieves.”

Easter and Passover have nothing in common. Easter falls on the Sunday after the full moon following Spring Equinox. Passover is 14 days after the new moon following Spring Equinox.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are fiction. What is “good” about the crucifixion of God?

Easter and Christmas are separated by the period of human gestation; the conception of Easter (Ishtar) with “Sol,” and the birth of “Solis Invictus” three days after solar solstice.

John the Baptist was born at Passover (14 Nisan); Jesus Christ was born at Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei). Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve (13 Abib/Nisan), laid in the sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib/Nisan) and resurrected on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib/Nisan).

Herod celebrated Easter by killing Jesus’ brother James and attempted the murder of Peter, the father of the Roman Catholic Church. The Days of Unleavened Bread may align with Easter, but they have nothing in common, nor is Easter a Christian Holy Day; it is an Edomite Holy Day derived from Babylonian origin. Edom’s holidays have become Jacob’s.

Rabbits don’t lay eggs. Easter is Ishtar or Astoreth or Astarte, the same as Anammelech whose idol is the rabbit (2 Kings 17:30). The Assyrians celebrated the Divine Union of Adrammelech (moon) and Anammelech (sun) by sacrificing children during the 40 days of “Lent” preceding “Easter.”

One day you will need to explain Easter and Christmas to the creator and judge of the universe; why not avoid the embarrassment and stop the nonsense?

Howard Ratcliffe



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