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Letter: Confused Utah leadership censures Cline but supports Trump

Feb 22, 2024

I’d like to support and compliment Gov. Cox for signing legislation to censure Natalie Cline for her insulting post questioning the gender of a high school basketball player. A person in the role of public leadership, as Kline was on the State Board of Education, has a responsibility to make sure of her facts before she makes public comments and to not demean or cause harm to students. So both houses of the legislature rightfully condemned Cline’s comments which also triggered threats against the girl. They called her comments “a repugnant attack on a student”. Gov. Cox supported their stand.

Yet soon after, I saw Gov. Cox on the TV news publicly endorsing Donald Trump for president and said he was looking forward to working with him. Many in our Republican leadership, all of whom voted to censure Cline, have expressed the same sentiments. Has Gov. Cox and others lost their moral compasses? Doesn’t Trump regularly use insulting and demeaning names for his Republican rivals? Didn’t Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley have to get Secret Service protection after Trump’s verbal attacks on her? Hasn’t Donald Trump been convicted, not once, but twice for defamation of character against a woman he sexually assaulted? Hasn’t Trump often demeaned and insulted large groups of people such as Muslims, Chinese, immigrants, and people from Latin America? In fact, isn’t Donald Trump’s “brand” based on name-calling and bullying?

Doesn’t Gov. Cox and other Republicans see that Donald Trump is Natalie Cline x 1000? Or are Gov. Cox and the others just hypocrites? Or do all politicians willingly sell their souls to hold public office?

Donald Carper



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