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Guest opinion: A vision for Utah: Why I’m running for the US Senate

By John Curtis - | Apr 24, 2024

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U.S. Rep. John Curtis

My commitment to Utah has always been unwavering, and in the Senate I plan to take this dedication to new heights.

Running for Senate is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I spent countless hours considering this decision. Sue, my wife, and I always taught our kids they should do hard things. After hearing from Utahns about the impact of my accomplishments as a member of Congress, a mayor and a businessman, I felt compelled to use these skills to ensure Utah has a strong conservative voice in the U.S. Senate who will stand up for our Utah values.

I am proud to have delivered for Utahns in the House, and the Senate will give me a stronger platform. This means prioritizing the interests of what I hear directly from Utahns, which is why I was ranked No. 1 in the entire Congress for accessibility and accountability by the Center for Effective Lawmaking. Nearly every bill I had signed into law was brought to me by a constituent because I don’t give rhetoric and soundbites — I deliver results — and in the Senate, I will continue to be very Utah focused. Your issues will be my issues.

In the Senate, I will always push back against Biden’s reckless spending, make America energy dominant, provide resources to secure the border, stand up to Communist China’s aggression and combat DC’s takeover of Utah’s land.

I have voted against every omnibus bill that didn’t curb our country’s out-of-control spending. Utah needs a voice that will stand firm against the tide of reckless spending that has become all too common in Washington. It’s time to bring back the principles of living within your means like I did as the mayor of Provo — where I successfully cut the city’s budget by more than 8% without compromising the quality of our public services.

Energy independence is not just a catchphrase; it’s a necessity for our nation’s security and economic prosperity. I know Utah has the resources and innovation to not just be energy independent, but energy dominant. Biden’s energy policies are driving up prices and our national debt, while crippling our economy, weakening our national security and undermining U.S. energy independence. I will continue to lead the fight for common sense energy policies that are affordable and reliable.

I have seen the disastrous situation at our border first-hand during my three separate visits. Due to Joe Biden’s failed policies, we don’t have control of our border, but the cartels do. In Congress, I introduced legislation that would reimburse states that use their own law enforcement resources to assist border states. In the Senate, I will continue this fight, ensuring that we devote the resources and technology necessary to secure our border and protect Utahns from the deadly fentanyl the cartel is bringing into our state at record numbers.

Standing up to our adversaries like Communist China is critical. It’s a commitment to defending our values and interests on the global stage. I’ve been so outspoken on China that an arrest warrant has been issued by the Communist Party. I can never go back there again. This only strengthens my resolve to confront the challenges posed by their aggressive policies. I will continue to be tough on China like pushing for a tariff that forces the country to pay for its pollution and level the playing field for Utah businesses and workers who are doing things the right way.

I will continue fighting the federal government’s attempt to take over Utah’s land. In fact, I have transferred more federal land to Utah’s state and local governments than any member of Utah’s delegation in decades. Many farmers, ranchers, recreationists and more rely upon access to public lands for their livelihoods. I will continue to push for the multiple use of our public lands and protect our Utah way of life.

Utah deserves a senator who understands its unique challenges and opportunities. I want to take my real-world experience and proven track record of getting things done for Utahns to the U.S. Senate. Utah families deserve to be heard and our Utah values need to be protected every day. If I am lucky enough to be your next U.S. senator, that is exactly what I will work hard every day to do for you and our families.

John Curtis represents Utah’s 3rd Congressional District and has been ranked as one of the most effective members of Congress, including first for constituent accessibility and outreach. He is a candidate for the United States Senate.


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