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Letter: Put money where your mouths is

By Staff | Dec 7, 2021

I think Mr. Stephen Harris (LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Nov. 27-28) is right on about our Reps in congress! I also think Reps who voted against Biden’s Infrastructure bill should refuse any money being sent to Utah! Reps Moore, Owens, Curtis and Stewart say the bill will ad to the deficit yet they voted for ex president Trumps tax cut for the rich which increased our debt about Three trillion dollars! Let these four reps show they are serious about the country’s debt and send Utah’s share back to the treasury! I think they will show they are all mouth and no backbone and want to accept the money! I also think Senator Lee should show his true self and support sending the money back also! I think this would show the voters how serious they are about lowering our debt! I look forward to hearing from these five gentleman why they voted against the bill and are sending the money back! And when this happens I am sure I will also see pigs fly! Thank you!

Don Cunningham

Fruit Heights


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