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Letter: A bunch of geniuses making Ogden road decisions

By Staff | Nov 18, 2021

Whoever it was that decided to change the lane position between 30th & 31st streets on Harrison Blvd. must have been a genius. Moving both southbound lanes one lane to the east at about Patterson has created another unneeded bottleneck.

So now, when someone needs to turn east onto 31st street, they inadvertently block the inside southbound lane of Harrison while waiting for northbound traffic to clear, backing up traffic on Harrison all the way to 30th and beyond. Several vehicles have almost been rear-ended from southbound traffic in that lane. You should see the backup now with the loss of a turning lane trying to get into the Liquor Store on Patterson.

The same desired effect could have been accomplished by moving the lanes just beyond 31st street thus eliminating the hazard the current configuration causes. But that would require some common sense, wouldn’t it?

Might just be the same genius that hasn’t figured out that the installation of an overhead crosswalk in front of Mt. Ogden Jr. High would eliminate the bottleneck and resultant traffic backup from the school zone crosswalk currently on Harrison Blvd. We can make overhead crosswalks for big game, but not for children and crossing guards? I know several guards have been injured there because I have lived on Harrison Blvd. for over 40 years. At no time have any of the residents on Harrison Blvd. been contacted regarding any of this.

Don’t get me started on the other genius that calculated over 2400 riders on UTA buses on Harrison Blvd. daily. I have watched empty buses pass by for years. And if you think college kids, most of whom have cars, are going to ride that new BRT bus to school every day, I have a bridge for sale.

Larry Waters



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