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Letter: Anti-vax commentary got it all wrong

By Staff | Nov 18, 2021

I was dismayed to read the commentary in the weekend edition of the Standard Examiner. It was disappointing to see the newspaper providing a forum for anti-vax misinformation and propaganda.

1) The claim that “vaccinated patients constitute 40% of COVID deaths” is contrary to credible data that is widely available. Current statistics from Europe show the highest death rates from COVID are in Eastern European countries where the vaccination rate is lowest. Similar data are available here in the US.

2) It is unclear to me how one can compare the opioid crisis with the COVID pandemic. One was brought on by the medical/industrial complex while the other is an infection similar to prior pandemics caused by natural causes.

3) The “obsession” with vaccination is all about preventing further spread of the virus and preventing more deaths. The companies that produce the vaccines are for-profit corporations. This is in keeping with our capitalist society (which I assume the writers of the commentary are in favor of). Moreover, monoclonal antibodies are not free, and someone is certainly making a profit from their production and sales. Vaccines are preventative while the antibodies are treatment. I would rather undergo preventative measures instead of contracting a disease and have to be treated for it. Think of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Where is that data that the antibodies “can provide a safer, more effective alternative?”

4) The commentary picked on vegans, “tree-huggers” and “organics” as if they are some form of dregs of society. What is the “woke cult?”

5) Years from now we will watch miniseries called anti-vaxx, not “vaxsick.”

Harry Senekjian



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