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Letter: Founding Fathers would cringe at today’s Republican scheming

By Staff | Nov 18, 2021

The framers of our constitution in 1787 would be horrified to see what’s happening to our country now. Abraham Lincoln, a legitimate American hero, freed the slaves. But today, his political party, twisted beyond recognition, is working feverishly to deny the descendants of those slaves, who tend to vote Democratic, the right to vote.

Too, you can be guaranteed that efforts will be made to deny any presidential candidate the 270 electoral votes needed to win. No matter that the electoral college itself is a constitutional dinosaur.

The election of a new president would then be thrown into the House of Representatives with each state having one vote. Wyoming, with its 400,000 people would have the same voting power as California with its 40,000,000. The red states in middle America, representing 17% of the country’s population, would choose the new president.

Could anything be more politically absurd…or undemocratic?

M. Jensen Ogden

North Ogden


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