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Letter: Dispelling assertions about vaccination vs antibodies

By Staff | Nov 19, 2021

As a physician practicing in Ogden for the past 34 years I was dumbfounded by the statements made by Mr. Null and Whitley in their Guest Commentary of November 13th. “The COVID Cure that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about.”

First “Science” and Clinical Practice has proven that vaccination against COVID-19 is the safest and most effective preventative therapy. It is true in my practice, it is true in the hospital census of hospitalized COVID patients in Ogden and throughout Utah and the United States.

And it is true that that the companies that make the vaccines (which cost on average 30 dollars for both doses) are making profits, so also will the providers of the Monoclonal Antibodies which cost 2100 dollars per dose, not counting 1000 dollars for administration of the infusion, which is covered by Medicare, but may not be by commercial insurers.

Also these treatments are available under a Emergency Use Authorization only, (they have not been approved by the FDA) and are authorized in use for only individuals over 65 or those who are immune compromised or have serious underlying medical conditions.

The companies that make these Monoclonal Antibodies are “Big Pharma” — Regernon’s market capitalization is 64 Billion and Lilly’s is 240 Billion.

As to the Monoclonal Antibodies being safer than the vaccine, that is not supported by any clinical data or my personal experience.

The Monoclonal antibodies are actually contraindicated in patients with active COVID or who are requiring Oxygen or are already in the hospital. They have limited utility in clinical practice and are cost prohibitive compared to the best preventative measure which is VACCINATION.

J. David Schmitz, M.D.



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