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Letter: Insight from former bailiff on Rittenhouse trial

By Staff | Nov 23, 2021

I was a bailiff in the Third District Court of Salt Lake County for over thirteen years. During that time, I saw many criminal trials and when the case went to the jury and they were deliberating a bailiff stood outside of the room they were in. Some of the statements I heard were “the defendant looks like my nephew” or” I really don’t like the looks of the defense attorney” or the prosecutor. I personally thought about 95% of the juries were right in their verdicts. My wife and I feel that some of the above applied in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, however, we felt at least one guilty verdict should have applied. If ever there was a truly wrong verdict, it was in the O.J. Simpson trial. O.J. was trying to run away in his car and then the ridiculous “the glove doesn’t fit” claim. I believe his good looks and great football skills ruled that case. I guess it is what it is.

Stan Jacobson



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