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Letter: Jury made the right decision

By Staff | Nov 23, 2021

I want to thank the jury in the high-profile case that was decided recently. I watched the last three days of the trial, and saw the videos, and heard testimonies from both sides.

The jury had a very difficult job, and I agree with their verdict. I watched, wanting to know the true facts.

I am appalled at the misinformation from many of the big media outlets, with people who are paid to be fair, and truthful, who made decisions, and broadcast them, even before the trial.

How many of those persons watched to make certain they knew what the facts were before they spoke? How do I trust those people who let their agendas guide their comments before they know the facts?

Mayhem is not the answer to any sad situation — rioting is wrong, destructive protests gone awry are wrong. The loss of life, and the destruction of communities is wrong, but often a result of mayhem, by people who do not care.

Demeaning or degrading comments after the decisions were made, about the participants or outcome of the trial, speaks volumes for those making the statements; especially if in a position of power or influence.

I have an expectation that elected leaders, especially, will support the trial by jury system.

I hope healing can come.

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake


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