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Letter: Blake Moore earning his Trump camp bona fides

By Staff | Nov 27, 2021

Dear Congressman Blake Moore: The folks in your district are very proud of you and grateful that you had the courage to vote NO on the Biden infrastructure bill. All four of our Representatives in Utah voted no, which is true solidarity. Wait, wouldn’t improving our infrastructure be something that would MAGA? No, I guess not. We know that you can see the big picture and since it was Biden’s bill of course you had to vote no.

We hope you join with your House colleagues and thoroughly chastise those 13 RINO Republicans who voted YES on the bill. They were more interested in the country and their own districts than sticking with the Trump agenda. Shame on them!

When the folks in District One start complaining about all the disruption that too many roads are being repaired, that worn out bridges are being replaced, the power grid and water systems are being improved, you can tell them, “I feel your pain too, but please don’t blame me, I voted NO on that bill”.

Now, Congressman Moore, voting no was the easy part. Now the real test is coming. When Washington tries to send money to Utah, you four must stand together and tell that woke, elitist mob that “We voted NO for a reason and Utah does not want your liberal tainted money! If we want work done on our infrastructure we will pay for it ourselves. Send that money somewhere else”.

You are becoming a faithful foot soldier in the Trump camp, keep up the good work!

Stephen Harris



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