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Letter: Ogden City, airport officials the ones being ‘drastic and radical’

By Staff | Nov 27, 2021

The article written by Mark Shenefelt published Nov. 18, 2021, in the Standard Examiner targeted hangar owners. Quoting the article, hangar owners are “drastic and radical”. Is it radical to defend our fifth amendment rights (private property should not be taken for public use without just compensation)?

The city alleges the Ogden Regional Airport Assoc. is attempting to manage federal and statutory requirements. The City wants to follow these rules only as they benefit The City. Other federal regulations are customized by The City management.

The financial situation is highly debatable. Is The City a tourist destination? What are commercial airlines costing The City? For example, security, safety, improvements to the terminal, runways, and taxiways are costing millions. What is the payback to the people of Ogden?

The airport is landlocked. The only place for development is on the West Side. There can be development on East Side if drastic and radical measures are taken, once again denying owners’ Fifth Amendment rights. Who is being drastic and radical?

Ex-airport managers and advisory boards went against The City on this matter. They are no longer in their positions. Their expertise and advice are now worthless. Are people who disagree with The City drastic and radical? City policy is to eliminate the challengers.

The city’s drastic and radical changes have never been fully disclosed to hangar owners. Why is The City supporting these drastic and radical changes in a “…draft not approved by any city officials and not authorized for public release” (Standard)?

Documents prove The City wants to take over privately owned businesses at the airport. This is a violation of constitutional rights. Who is drastic and radical? What expertise does The City have in service and maintenance of aircraft? The City plans to become the sole FBO (Fixed Base Operator) supplier of aviation fuel and maintenance. Is this a drastic and radical monopoly? Fuel service is now provided by three FBOs. Is the objective of the airport management to eliminate small businesses?

Readers need to hear the whole story. The Standard Examiner article printed only one side!

Kelly Crozier



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