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Letter: Elder Holland’s BYU speech reaffirmed church principles

By Staff | Oct 2, 2021

The recent guest commentary under “Opinion” of A5 in the Standard-Examiner does show how some feel about Elder Holland’s BYU Education Week speech. The commentary adds to my understanding of how some feel “confused, frustrated, and hurt” by the speech. I believe this is because of false hopes that arise so often when sympathy is given for those whose lifestyle is challenged by acceptable principles. The “musket fire” phrase is overplayed in the commentary. BYU is simply charged with upholding stated principles. We believe the Atonement of Jesus Christ can save us from, but not in, our sins, and we do others no favors by implying otherwise.

Members of the Church who join Gay Pride parades, carnivals, fly rainbow flags and the like are giving the wrong signal that someway the lifestyle of the LGBQ+ community is acceptable to God. From everything I know, it is not, nor ever will be. That is all Elder Holland was saying as he called for BYU, (in a speech at BYU, to BYU faculty and students), to hold fast to living and encouraging the revealed principles of the Restored Church and staying true to the unique mission given to this great University. I believe faculty and students must agree to these principles when they apply for acceptance into the school. Elder Holland is asking that they stay true to their agreement. That should not confuse, frustrate, or hurt anyone.

Darrel Thompson



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