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Letter: Will this be the future of public health?

By Staff | Oct 2, 2021

It has been a long time since the answer to fighting disease was leading a clean and religious life. Science searched for a different answer through testing, analysis and finally, law. Early on, America was aware that there was a possibility that something other than birds were the cause of the spread of disease. Our leaders understood the need for an organized way of stopping disease. They couldn’t do it themselves. Today we have the Department of Health. Those were smart politicians. Where are today’s smart politicians? Many republicans’ states have neutered science and the department of health. These non-medically trained politicians have taken over the job of protecting us because they think they understand public health better than the people at the health department. They are failing us! People who grew the excellence of our health care system have now, by new laws, lost their authority and are being physically threatened. You cannot build an army, send it out to defeat the enemy, and take away their rifles. The public health department used to have the authority to isolate sick people getting off the boats at Ellis Island and to hang a “quarantine” sign in your window. Now misguided people can cough in someone’s face because it’s their “right”. We built America because we protected ourselves from disease. Many republican states have passed new laws preventing the use of masks to protect ourselves. The “right” to not wear a mask and to not get inoculated could back us up to the 16th century. There was a reason a doctor wore a mask in the delivery room. Ask grandma about it. Our grandparents knew better than to take our mom and dad to a politician when they got sick. Politicians don’t see the threat. Do politicians take their own kids to another politician when they get sick? If a politician goes to the doctor who requires them to wear a mask, do they demand their “right” to cough in their doctor’s face. Where are the doctors and nurses in congress?

Don’t forget to vote.

Jay Hudson



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