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Letter: Streets are not safe for pedestrians

By Staff | Oct 6, 2021

Today, October 3rd, I was almost hit 3 times while walking in crosswalks with signals giving me the right-of-way. All 3 people turned right in front of me, with the worst offender coming within 3 feet of me at the signal in front of Smith’s in North Ogden. I had to jump out of the way or be hit. The only thing the older gentleman driving a white van did was wave to me as if I had given him permission to almost run me over!

I follow the rules for pedestrians. I wait until I see the pedestrian symbol appear and I look both ways several times and try to make eye contact. This serious issue needs to be addressed immediately. Please start enforcing the laws to make it safe for everyone, especially children, to walk without getting hurt or killed by drivers not paying attention and/or blatantly ignoring the law.

Rena Figved

North Ogden


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