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Letter: The real inconvenient truth

By Staff | Oct 6, 2021

Earth’s atmospheric temperature has cycled through warming and cooling periods for millions of years, the major drivers being quite predictable changes in solar and cosmic radiation reaching the earth, and occasional volcanic activity. The warming trend of recent years has passed it’s peak and we are now at the beginning of a serious cooling cycle, predicted to hit a low point about 2035.

Contrary to popular media and political hysteria, atmospheric carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, but is a result of (and follows) periods of warming. Approximately 50 times more CO2 is absorbed in ocean water than exists in the atmosphere, and as temperatures warm more CO2 is released from the oceans into the air. Political efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will do nothing to reduce air temperatures, but will do major harm to jobs and the economy.

Among other challenges, the coming cooling cycle is predicted to adversely impact worldwide food production, resulting in mass famine and increasing wars. So the truth is that individuals and governments should take serious actions to prepare for global cooling, not for global warming.

In the next few years nature itself will prove which theory is correct. Meanwhile, I urge you to read the convincing science explained in such books as:

  2. 2. DARK WINTER, by John L. Casey

Homer Cook



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