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Letter: Disappointed in Moore’s recitation of GOP talking points

By Staff | Oct 15, 2021

Representative Blake Moore’s Logan townhall was a disappointment. I thought he was there to listen to his constituents and answer their questions, but I left after only one question and 40 minutes because I was tired of listening to him recite the typical Republican talking points. A friend who endured for an hour said Moore continued in the same vein of talking at his audience rather than having a dialogue.

My friend was disappointed with Moore’s response to a constituent’s concern about climate change. His response was that he thought business and industry were doing a great job in addressing it. The extreme snow event of the night before that left many in Cache Valley without power and will cost taxpayers and individuals plenty to deal with the damage, is just the latest evidence of our failure to address climate disruption.

Moore’s “answer” to the question about terminating supplemental unemployment benefits early did not reflect data. His response that people don’t want to work and just want to sit home and collect unemployment was inaccurate as studies comparing states that kept the supplemental employment benefits with states that dropped benefits as soon as they could show no statistical difference in employment rates. So, no facts, just Republican rhetoric.

I wasn’t surprised, just disappointed. I want my congress members to reach across the aisle to accomplish benefits for their constituents rather than denigrating the other party.

Jean Lown



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