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Letter: Driver concerned by motorcyclists’ dangerous behavior

By Staff | Oct 16, 2021

Recently I was headed northward on Wall Ave. I was about to turn left to go to Walmart. As I was beginning to proceed, a motorcycle came up ahead of me from the left and another motorcycle came up ahead of me from the right; and this being in the same turning lane with my car. The bike on the right had a passenger; and thus there were THREE bikers. Just as they did this the red arrow was already lit. Now I don’t believe this to be legal, and I KNOW it to be dangerous. Any or all three of those people could have been injured. Whenever a motorcycle is on the road, it is to be regarded as if it were the width of an automobile. Should any person be injured by my car or by any other thing, and the mishap not being my fault, the only liability which I will accept is aiding in the summoning of medical attention and not financial liability.

Dallon Nye



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