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Letter: Discouraged by protest outside McKay-Dee Hospital

By Staff | Oct 22, 2021

A large group of people wearing hospital scrubs, PPE and halloween masks was protesting covid vaccines on Saturday, Oct. 16, at the corner of 42nd and Jackson Ave., the entrance to Intermountain Health Care’s McKay-Dee Hospital.

I cannot express how sad this made me.

I have always felt Ogden was a caring, understanding community. People mocking and protesting covid vaccines outside a building in which mostly unvaccinated people were dying of covid is an insult to the doctors, nurses and therapists who are struggling to save those lives and crying for those they lose.

A sick nation cannot defend itself. Utah has always supported national defense, and yet these people have chosen denial of public health as the hill on which they want to die for what they call freedom.

Utah’s Doctors and nurses, our neighbors, are on the frontline of a battle that has already cost this nation twice what World War II did. After a day of trying to save lives they must watch themselves be mocked by people who, if they get sick, will ask those same medical people for help.

The mindless hate of those people is both sad and horrifying.

Charles Trentelman



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