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Letter: Unhelpful service in visit to IRS office

By Staff | Oct 22, 2021

I went to the local IRS office for information regarding my long delayed tax refund. There I encountered the most belligerent, antagonistic, unhelpful “public servant” you can imagine. After I had waited an hour and a half, noon came and one of the two men there left, evidently for lunch. I asked the one remaining, a big, heavy guy, if I would have to wait another hour while they went to lunch. That evidently antagonized him. By then he and I were the only ones left but he let me cool my heels another half hour before seeing me, then refused to help me on the pretext I did not have an appointment. Appointment? He and I were the only ones there! Their sign-in sheet accepts walk-ins by-the-way.

I know these guys are untouchable civil servants but it sure seems that big guy should be accountable to someone for his nasty job sub-performance.

Clifford Graham



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