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Letter: Envious of brine shrimp that are spared from jet noise

By Staff | Sep 10, 2021

I suspect that the brine shrimp are sensitive to loud noises like those us humans who live in S Ogden or Washington Terrace have been enduring for the summer. The folks who run the training at Hill AFB must be aware of how sensitive the brine shrimp are to loud noises as the jets do not practice over the Great Salt Lake, but over the residential areas south of Ogden.

Every day, often till 10 pm, we have to endure the very high decibels from the jets practicing over our homes. We cannot sit out on the porch and have a conversation nor even have the doors and windows open while watching TV with expectation of hearing the words or music from our favorite shows.

I honor our men and women who serve to defend us, but do wonder if the brine shrimp are really that sensitive to loud noises.

Kent Oyler



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